After shock/G squared


its more ofa show your love or post your love of their awesome freakin throws, ive made a post earlier of the freshness of the aftershock, but to the albatross, which was pure silk, and sturdy that i could let friends that knew old school tricks just rock the cradle for alil bit, the nessie was my right hand woman for like three months straight, i would keep her in my pocket and throw it every moment i could,she (refer to some yoyo’s gender)(the name nessie=female) was my best friend, and it helped me learn alot…the sadness…i still havent thrown the quake…X_X…but thats okay the aftershock…was like fustercluck of new zip with so much stability. i love it so much ill take it to work and throw it in dry stock (line cook). if the quake is a a prequel baby mimic to this god like mesenko of a yoyo, ii need it. to top of my rant ill lead what mad me capitalize on my hunt i was lookin for a wonderful manufacturer, which of course our lovely One Drop has its hand in these throws…but the designs and the diligent attention to precise measurements for this sweetheart, is my Triton…its the key to confidence. that is by far the best yoyo ive ever thrown…just expressin myself to those who share the same wonder XD. any g-squared yoyo you ever find for sale snag one if you do not have one in your collection.they are more than a perfect edition, they are lil buddys XD

(G2 Jake) #2

What did I just read? Glad you love the Aftershock :slight_smile:


At least he likes it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


the terms rant and ramble work well XD, of course with improper typezing powers, they always fritz


haha and meds dont help sometimes with prereading my stizzy, just makes ya keep typeing XD


it was a verbal vomit turned into a post, am i the only one that does it anymore XD, i appreciate your work dude, Sorry my rainbow wretch was so hard to decrypt XD

(G2 Jake) #7

Makes sense now :slight_smile: