The Nessie Rocks Bigtime!!


Just a note to let anyone know who is listening, and who gives a hoot, that recently I had the

pleasure of trying out one of the new Nessies by G-Squared and I was so impressed by it, that

I felt inclined to post this little note and spread the word as it were. It really is a kick-butt

throw, with over the top spintimes as well as every thing else I look for in a perfect yoyo.

I think that what I like the most about the Nessie, that a lot of other yoyos don’t have, is the thing

just plain doesn’t want to stop spinning, and oh what a delight that is. And with all this extra

momentum, the word that comes to mind for me, that I have quite frankly never used before in

describing a yoyo, is the word “power”. So much so, that if you do a bind return too soon,

it may very well be smarts on the hand, and not because of the Nessie’s shape either, but because

of all the extra momentum that badboy has. I guarantee you, if you invest in one of these

beauties, you will be thrilled with it, as I was. The Nessie in my humble opinion is a real winner and

is already bound for greatness, whether the masses yet realize it or not. Hopefully anyone and

everyone who throws, will at the very least, get the chance try this amazing yoyo!

(G2 Jake) #2

Means a lot coming for a guy who
Has played so many different yoyos.

Thanks Larry




Man I wish I could get one of those… :’(


It sure does ROCK!