G Squared Nessie: A High Speed YoYo Review

Brett and Jake are at it again. Little more than 3 months after the debut of their first yo-yo, the Albatross, they have decided to give us their sophomore effort. This new yo-yo, the Nessie, is a complete change from the Albatross in almost every way, showing that G Squared is not willing to just play it safe. The second release by a company can be the trickiest; it is kind of like a sequel to a movie. People have already formed an opinion based on the first and if you take a radical departure from that opinion you will get some backlash. The question is, how will the Nessie hold up to what people think of G Squared? It is going to be a Godfather 2 level masterpiece or a Speed 2: Cruise Control level “never should have been made”?

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amazing as always!

The Nessie is absolutely one of my favorites!