After chat night is over...

Well, today’s chat was a blast!

We had a top of 18 people at one time, and there was lots of drama in there.

The chat took a lot longer than we expected, until 6:30 almost.

The results:

Well, the first round was pretty chaotic, and hard to explain…When the final round started, things cleared up a bit.

Apetrunk answered the first 2 questions correctly, and everyone was expecting him to win. But Kevlar14 answered the third question correct. Then, the 4th question was also answered correctly by Kevlar14. The last question was so fun, and there was lots of pressure, and it took forever to get answered…all the people who weren’t competing were saying it was really easy, I quess there was a lot of pressure on the competitors. But it turned out that Kevlar got this one correct too, so kevlar made a good comaback, and he won!

If you were there, write a little explanation of how it was.

Thanks to all the people who came, and I hope you had fun!

Yup, it was fun. Congrats to kevlar!

'Tis a blast, I came there to have a little stress relief, got that and then some. Great game Apetrunk, Xdohl, Mongorilla, Iron, Shisaki, the self-satisfaction guy, and many others I can’t remember well!

I wasn’t there for the first part, but boy was the final fun. Everything was tense because of the long pauses in between questions. The questions themselves were a bit misleading. Especially the ones with the World/National championships. Great fun.

Congrats to Kevlar14!

I left when the final round started… things were getting a little too chaotic before that. Good job guys! :wink: