Hello YoYoExperts!

Tonight is an official chat night game show in our brand new chat room and we are ready to handle a big crowd!  So lets make it big!

What happens:

Round 1:
YoYoExpert asks ten yo-yo related questions.  You get a chance to answer these questions.  For every question you answer correctly you earn one point.  However only the first right answer counts so you have to be quick!  You are limited to a maximum of two points for the first round.

Round 2:
All players who have one or two points advance to this final round where questions are worth two points each instead of 1.  The winner of this round will win the chat prize.
**Chat Prize is announced during the chat.

One player in the chat will win a YoYoExpert T-Shirt compliments of
More info in the chat.



André…thank you so much!!!

Seriously, good luck to everyone (not too much, i would like to win :P)

haha we will see samad, it might be you and i in the finals, that would be cool
of course good luck to everyone else

I’d like to think I have a shot at winning, but being such a newbie, I’ll be happy if I score a point at all. ;D

But, regardless, I’ll be there.

I cant come, i got grounded for getting a C in history (I’m only on doing homework). Oh well, good luck to everyone!

oh man, did i miss it?

Yeah, sorry. Maybe next time!

Ratsburger! Missed it too!

HAHA ;D ironic how you did win…

Man! I can not take part in this ever! because I can’t be on the internet at that time. That’s why I like the “yoyoexpert official contests” better.