After a couple days...

sitting here at times wondering why in the hell i can’t get decent throws with my neptuno top, I finally am throwing pretty consistent!! I can pop it up into my hand,now comes the balance pratice. I have watched many videos, and can say,yes,I am starting to get hooked.Still throwing my yo’s from time to time, but finding this more challenging and more fun IMO. I am ready to make the jump in getting another top, still trying not to forget that i am a beginner, I have been steering to one that the tips can be changed out.As far as money, I don’t care what i spend as my first top will be thrown till i am totally in my comfort zone.I was leaning towards the Giulia,any input on this would be wonderful! thanks guys, loving this stuff!

My only advise would be to try to be patient and if at all possible, find a way to try some different tops before you buy them. You won’t nec. have 10x as much fun or success with a hundred dollar top over a ten dollar top. Let your abilities and interests (what kind of tricks you want to pursue) be your guide in selecting tops that make the kind of play you are doing easier.

The Guilia is an amazing top. So smooth but a high-end top is not necessary to have fun, but if you have the money go for it. I must say, I do have a lot of fun with simple Duncan bearing kings. It’s fun to have many tops. I suggest getting a bearing king too with your order.

I am leaning towards the sofia top. Like with yo yo’s, I have had cheap ones, as well as some nice expensive ones, but yes i will probably pick up a bearing king too, i like to practice with a less expensive top until i feel comfortable enough with a particular trick. thank you for all of your input guys