Africa's Mortal Kombo Showdown

The first of many showdowns, Frodoslair and Blakswift decided to go head to head in this Mortal Kombat themed battle. Time limit for the battle was 40 seconds and victory is decided on one throw.

So, who do you think wins this round?

Of course, if we received some feedback, we may have to come back for Round 2… And Round 3, depending on who wins Round 2, so come on, let us know what you think… And don’t forget to vote!

I liked the playful poses if the first but the tricks of the second. I think a round two is needed and up the game when you do! Hehe otherwise I enjoyed both.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

I must admit - when I completed my video I really thought I had this in the bag… BUT, Blakswift does have a way of grinding out some stupidly fantastic tricks! I’ve been egging him on for ages about doing a full length video with proper lighting! Whoever wins, Round 2 will definitely be on the cards!!

I don’t know how I missed this for so long. Great performance to both of you. I’m going to keep my vote secret, but it was very close. Remember, no fatalities until the final round.

Thanks guys for the feedback!!

Guess Frank takes this round. Congratulations my brother. Bringing out the big guns in the next round to force this match to go to Tie-breaker.

I promise to do a proper one in proper lighting ;D

Bwahaha… Your soft wrists will be no match for my secret ninja techniques. Yoyo samurai keeps his throwhand strong and his freehand supple.

Actually, all he needs is one clean take to take Round 2.I’m as nervous as hell…

I would have picked front style since this is mortal kombat themed. It was more ninja/fighting like than the second vid with side mounted tricks.

The first guy obviously has more ninja skills than the second guy. I’m pretty sure he’d pull that dudes heart out of his chest and bite it if he had the chance

I did liked the 2nd guys neck trick

Thanks, I’ll consider that when I need to start working on a Fatality.

And yes, it’s the behind the head, neck stuff that has me worried about round 2.

I liked the first one.

Kano already has that one unfortunately. You should like have a yoyo with a circular saw blade on it. Do some crazy horizontal tricks and decapitate your enemy. Or like squeeze his neck with your string like a garrote until his head pops off all cartoony like flying up in the air.

sry if its a bit graphic but I played the criznap out of some mk

Good idea! Small problem… the “crazy horizontal tricks” will not be possible :slight_smile: Still another round to go though, and who knows… if Blakswift88 wins the next two rounds, then the Fatality will be his responsibility!