So what do u guys think of this order. Once I get the money, this is what I am going to want. In August it will be one year since I have started yoyoing. So I will post a picture of my collection than I will post a picture of the order want. Than u guys will tell me what u think of the yoyos and if I am ready for it.


Here is the order.


I think you’ll have everything you’ll ever need (other than more string in the future) right there. The Shutter is a beast and from what I hear the Replay is super good for the price. The Flight is good for offstring (obviously) so that can do you some good in that style. I say that’s a great purchase for under $100.


Thx! What do u think of my collection so far?


All it matters is what YOU think of your collection.


Ok could people start posting pictures of their collection?!?!


I think your collection is good for someone not even a year in.


Thx! But can u guys post a picture of ur collection?!


Here is the thread where everyone posts their collections, and it’s part of a larger sub-forum that you can find here:,13.0.html

As far as your order goes, I think it looks good. Decent haul for under $100. :slight_smile:

(Erik Kerber ) #10

IF you like whats in your collection then its fine it doesn’t matter what other’s think. I think you got a really good load for under $100 dollars the Flight and the Shutter are amazing yoyo’s and I hear the Replay is really good to


Take it the dice stacks are for the grind machine. Would grab a 100 pack of string for a little more since it’s a much better deal. Flight and replay pro are great choices. I’d probly get a too hot over the shutter but that’s preferences.

(Owen) #12

Lose the stacks and string and then get a 100 pack of Kitty String.


No I am getting the stacks for my YYF GM