Should I get the SpeedMaker, StarLite, or Asteroid?

No. Skip the Speedmaker, at least of now. I don’t have the time to silicone it this week, but unless my bearing needs cleaning(it’s new, that means nothing, it might need cleaning), I can’t get that to STOP being responsive.

The Starlight is nice, plays great, feels great. It’s like a lighter Protostar. Oh wait, it is, but it glows in the dark too. If you want light, get a Starbrite while they last. The Neon series has been discontinued, so take what you can get while you can!

The Lyn Fury would be good. Starts responsive if you need it to be. Otherwise, yank the rings and silicone it or install YYJ silicone response pads and you’re ready to rock it unresponsive!

Otherwise, go for the Adegle PSG or Asteroid.

I played with a friend’s WHiP and it felt suprisingly solid. Does the Starbrite feel like that? Also, does it feel unstable compared to the Starlite? Does the ONE feel solid?

I’m liking the halo and the psg is a fun one for the price. I notice some people have has binding issues, but I haven’t, I may just have been lucky. I also like the shinwoo phantom a lot. Mine is dead smooth, though I’ve heard some people have had a different experience. Again I may have just been lucky. I like the style and colors of the phantom. Also good for the price in my opinion.
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Is the ONE’s half SPEC bearing thinner than normal ones? I heard somewhere that it was…

No. The one out of my two ONE’s(2011 and a 2012) are the same size as the ones that came in my YYJ’s.


True! It comes with a YYJ Speed bearing, but the yoyo itself covers up a decent amount of the bearing. They wouldn’t install an incompatible bearing in a yoyo.