Advice needed


Lets say for example a purchase was orchestrated, payment was made by PayPal, a tracking number was received, but a month later you have still received no item and the tracking status is the same; What would be the correct an polite way to proceed? I’ve been patient and as polite as I can tolerate with the situation. I’m told by the seller it was shipped and not his fault, and I completely understand that. However, I’m also very aware that its not my fault either. I’ve spent at least an hour of my time attempting to get an answer from either him or the post office almost every day, for approximately a month. Until now he’s been relatively polite aside from not really being concerned, but now I can quickly see responses becoming pushy, rude, and the situation turning sour…


If the item is in the postal system, it sounds like it may have been lost. Is it “in transit” or something like that? What is the exact status and what is the tracking method?

Also, where is it coming from? That can make a big difference. Stuff can get “lost” once it leaves the United States, or hits certain parts of common carrier systems in other nations, but then often “re-surfaces” once it hits a major entry point. I have been waiting 10 days for something to change it’s status. I’m sure it did sit for a few days in a postal location over-seas.

At this point, if you’re impatient, file a claim with Paypal. Generally speaking, a month is too long. The seller shipped, and Paypal may be covering your transaction unless you gifted the funds. I’d also let the other party(seller) know of your intentions, not to punish him, but because of the extreme delay and the fact it may be lost by the carrier. I’d also contact the post office and notify them of it as well for the same reasons although don’t expect them to give a crap. I’d say the seller would be the most concerned.

It sounds like both you and the seller have operated on good terms and in good faith. It sounds like the Post Office dropped the ball here, leaving you both in a lurch.


Normally it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure goods reach the purchaser. I believe this to be true of the BST too. Therefore, if you haven’t received the throw then it should be the responsibility of the seller to provide recompense regardless of shipping information. This is one of the most miserable experiences on the BST because everyone in the situation feels hard done by. In essence it is no-one’s fault but the seller is liable. However, if I were in this situation and were the purchaser, if the deal has been done in good faith, and the seller has a good reputation - perhaps more likely with someone you’ve dealt with before (i guess unlikely in your situation), I may be inclined to try and reach a more amicable solution than simply demanding all of your money back. Perhaps something along the lines of another slightly lesser valued throw being sent, or a trade biased in your favor to ease the situation. This may be of even more use if the responsible party simply doesn’t have the funds to repay you, however once again this relies on trust and must be evaluated on a situation-by-situation basis. Getting as much information from the PO is also a must. Given that this has taken a while, my guess is the throw won’t arrive, but until you’re pretty sure about this then you don’t want to go demanding things. Hope this is useful. Despite the frustrations, try and ensure you deal with PM’s sensibly, and without anger - if you get irate the chances of you receiving something to make the situation right will likely grow less as the other person digs their heels in. If the throw has been sent they will likely be close to as frustrated as you when you ask for amends to be made.


It’s exact status is “status not updated” as of July 24th. It’s coming from in Arizona To West Virginia. The seller is now concerned, and telling me to stop the PayPal dispute, he didn’t seem to really mind until that happened. I’ve been overly friendly as that’s how I generally am, especially considering the situation and his lack if concern for it. I’d like to keep him as a friend if possible, he seems like a genuinely decent fellow when not put into this situation.

Edit: the PayPal dispute was primarily opened because if I’m understanding their rules correctly, I was about out of time to open it.


While I’ve heard nothing but positive things from regarding this person, my personal experience with him extend no further than described. Personally, I’d rather have the throw than the money, but i find it unlikely a second of this particular will be in his possession. It was a specific one from a player I admire which was my sole reason for wanting to add it to my collection. The only others on my list at the moment are some of the rarer yomegas, which I also asked if he had when we first arranged the transaction. At this point I’m trying to find an amicable solution, but I’m afraid any situation that involves me receiving any recompense when he has already shipped a throw that realistically as far as I’m aware did in fact leave his person, is no longer in his possession, and fell into a void at the post office will leave a sour taste in his mouth as he doesn’t seem very thrilled that I didn’t just forget about the situation.


It’s definately up to him on having it resolved. I may be wrong but I thought you get the status not updated when the package hasn’t been dropped off yet but you printed off the shipping label. Does it show that it was ever received by the post office?


Yes it shows scans of everything except delivery but as far as my post office can tell they’re digital scans, meaning they didn’t happen physically or by my local post offices scanners.