Advantage in 1a

i think tall people have an advantage over short people (not meant to insult anyone) in 1a. the reason is because string tends to be longer for the tall people. this gives them a slight edge…

On the flip side, long string tends to make your consistency go down. =)

There are advantages and disadvantages.

I can do some pretty awesome body tricks (I think they are awesome, so shhh) with a longer string, but it’s harder to hit the normal stuff for me.

If you want a longer string, there’s nothing wrong with experiementing with extra length.

no offense but in my eyes this topic makes no real sense to me. i don’t really care if taller people are better at 1A. look at Grant Johnson are Kentaro Kimura. Amazing players but not really that tall.

Its really funny that you say this. Considering the best player in the world IMO (Yuuki) shortens his string shorter than mine. He’s also about 4" taller than me.

Longer string makes you slow and sluggish. Shorter string makes you go faster.

You know you can cut your string, right?

Even if you are shorter there are ways to use longer string… Look at Sterling Quinn

Its all about preference… Im about 6’3 and I use my string pretty long… (From the floor to my sternum) I do play slower but thats fine, and I feel it gives me more room to play around

I am about 5’8" never gave shortening the string a second thought until I reviewed the looping videos. It solved the problem I had for a long time. The yo yo was hitting my arm between my shoulder and elbow until i shortened the string.

For my 1a play, I am use to speed of looping and using a wooden that naturally don’t spin long. So you need to work fast. A long string was giving the yo yo more time to “not fly straight” for tricks that stat out with a trapeze. Now the shorter string is helping me because it’s “faster” like what I am use to.

The largest issue with being taller is that you’re likely older as well, which means a more developed mind. I feel that yoyoing is the expression of one’s understanding of geometry among other things. A well developed mind will produce the best yoyo players (and practice). This is of course my opinion.

Really now…

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Wow… Thats crazy… Whips/slacks look soo awesome with string that long