Adobe CC Software

Would you recommend it? It’s definitely very expensive, but I’ve seen the artwork created by it and I have to say I am astonished. I’ve been thinking of getting Photoshop, but for the price tag, I’ll need some careful consideration


What are you wanting to do with the Adobe software?

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You can get Lightroom and Photoshop for $10/month. Or if you’re a student I think they have some really good deals.


My whole degree is based around using that software. I greatly recommend it. As @YoYoExpertGarrett stated,
if you’re a student I think they have some really good deals.

I’d check with them about the deals. I agree completely though, it does get expensive fast. For my work I regularly use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at the same time, BUT again, you can always just pay for Photoshop and save a bunch. Students get huge discounts for a time. I highly recommend it and haven’t found a better alternative. Warning though, what you learn on one program doesnt transfer well to others.


Yep, as a lifetime photoshop user learning illustrator was the most frustrating thing imaginable.


What’s InDesign used for?

InDesign is for print stuff. Formatting books, labels, flyers and what not.

As a hobbyist graphic artist, I use Illustrator quite heavily, and Photoshop occasionally. I also use Acrobat Pro now and then. These are the three Adobe products I sorta can’t live without. They are best-of-breed software, period.

However, the CC subscription model is problematic for me. Adobe has two pricing models: a price for just one application, or a price for the entire suite. I don’t need the entire suite, but I need more than just one application. Paying for the three I use costs more than the entire suite. It is stupid. I’d much rather pay a reasonable bundle price based on just the three apps I use and not have to invest in the entire suite. It’s not like Adobe has to carry physical inventory for any of this. They could create whatever pricing structure they want, but they choose to make customers like me resort to alternative practices (like using CS6 forever).


I really would like adobe to have a buy option instead of a mouthy fee

Well not that I’m promoting it or anything, but most people actually crack it.

You could either crack it or use gimp. Gimp is free and it can do everything that Photoshop can. For free. There is no paid version or anything. It’s just free software.


GIMP does not interoperate with Illustrator. Once you get used to all the features and power of Adobe software, there’s really no going back.

I’m probably just going to continue using CS6 until it simply refuses to run anymore.

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I definitely feel this - I like being able to drop things from Lightroom straight to Photoshop, or Photoshop to Illustrator, or vice versa. Or dropping projects from Premier into AfterEffects, and then to the Media Encoder. And I agree the CC plans are setup to totally favor Adobe if you’re not actually taking advantage of all the software. They should have a kind of “a la carte” option for people.

Yeah. I know for a fact that it’s very hard to use Premiere Pro without After Effects, and vice versa

I’m still running CS5 on my home pc lol. Works perfectly and I don’t feel the need to upgrade at this point. :man_shrugging:

i started learning Photoshop after Illustrator. felt like running myself into a brick wall at times.


i use adobe cc at work, but at home i use Affinity Designer and Photo for both my laptop and iPad.

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Same here. I don’t feel any burning need to upgrade either, but there are reasons to consider it anyway.

The reasons I feel increasing pressure to get on board with the latest version is two-fold:

  • Tutorials and solutions have this tendency to make use of “current” features, and it can be frustrating to not be able to do the thing that’s being demonstrated because the version I’m using is older and lacks the necessary new feature(s).
  • Adobe keeps threatening to make it impossible to run older versions. They already have a service that installs itself which continually checks your version and tries to render it unusable if it doesn’t pass muster. You have to jump through some fairly technical hoops to disable this. If they get Microsoft to put this sort of software monitoring into the Windows executive, those of us on older versions (especially cracks) will be completely hosed.

I feel it is only a matter of time before I have to abandon CS6 for CC. I can only pray that when that time comes that Adobe has a more reasonable subscription plan for hobbyists like myself who only use two or three of their applications.

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Give the Affinity suite a try. They have been making huge strides in the creative industry and offer a huge bang for the buck. Adobe is losing customers because the software is so good and people are fed up with Adobe’s shenanigans.There’s absolutely zero subscription model and it’s compatible with PSD and AI files. They offer a free trial for OS X and Windows.

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I tried Affinity Designer last year and it was frustrating to use, partly because it lacked features I had come to depend on in Illustrator, and partly because my brain and muscle memory were just too used to “driving” Illustrator’s UI.

There may come a day when the features of software like Affinity and the features I use most in Illustrator converge and I’ll consider switching. But for now I’m sticking with my copy of CS6.

Out of curiosity, what features is it lacking? It’s pretty much identical and actually has many features Illustrator doesn’t have. There is a bit of learning curve for sure but once you get acclimated to it, it’s a whole heck of a lot more efficient in most areas.