3E YoYos Need A CAD Program

Okay so me and my friend are starting a company we have the name (3E YoYos) I’m creating the logo and doing some rough drafts for yoyo designs and I now need a CAD program for designing yoyos so… What is out there that is good for yoyo designing? also I’m using a mac intel right now. if there is also one I could tell my friend about who is helping to create the company with me to use as well that would be great! He’s running windows right now.

Thanks guys!

Autodesk has an educational version of all of their software for all highschool and college students.

You can’t use it for commercial products, but it’s great to test out the software before you spend money of a commercial version.

If you choose to try out their software, I would recommend autocad or autodesk inventor.

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With the test version can you go from CAD to CAM?

okay thanks ^^ that’ll be helpful! ^^

Solid Works hands down. I have made a few prototypes of my own and the program makes it easy!

okay I’ll check it out but I’ve found and downloaded a full version of autocad for mac as well :slight_smile: so right now since I’m new to CAD programs I’ll need to figure out how they work xP

i found that solid works is really straightforward for learning as well.

solid works is only for PC >,<