Need a good free CAD program

(Halbach) #1

I’m in the process of bringing back an old dream of mine to make a yoyo that is conventional but fun, and I found an old design but I don’t have the original CAD design and need to make a design. Does anyone know of an easy to use free CAD program?

(rizkiyoist) #2

I won’t say it’s easy though, it took me like a day or two if frustration to figure out how to literally draw a revolved material.


EMachineshop. Took me half an hour to learn how to use, and I posted a tutorial on how to make yoyos with it. But, it’s kind of buggy and counter-intuitive in some places.

(Halbach) #4

I might try freecad. Making revolved materials hopefully shouldn’t be any harder than doing it in solidworks, but will see…


AutoCAD has a 4 year student free trial. I use that, and it makes some really nice designs

(Former National 4A Champion) #6

I’ve played around with freecad. I don’t know if any machine shops would accept the format, and I can’t get the exporting to work. You could scrap the idea of CADing it yourself and just send the machine shop your 2d drawing and let them do it for you. That takes some of the fun out though.

I have figured out how to make yoyo designs on it. If you decide to use it, I could help.

I wouldn’t recommend emachineshop. From what I’ve heard, it’s really expensive.