Photoshopers Of YoyoeXpert!

Hey guys, so recently I’ve been doing a LOT of stuff. New Youth groups, new schooling, business, juggling, and yoyoing. On top of all that, I love me some photoshop! So, my question to you is, do you love PS?

And this is also a place to get tips on ps, and share thoughts on one another’s work!

So feel free to discuss Ps, techniques, cool tutorials, or your own work!

Here’s my newest piece of work, feel free to let me know thoughts! (there’s quite an interesting story behind it, but I don’t have time to write it XD):

yeah leg does some awesome photoshop its amazing what he does with it! i could never do what he does.

Photoshop for actually photoshopping:
Boys of Movember by gregpettit, on Flickr


Thanks! for those of you who haven’t seen it, I made Abby a YouTube banner:

I think my current photoshop skills lie mainly in the creating new works with a painted, cartoonish look, rather than doing what Greg did and making things look awesomely real :smiley:

Good job btw Gregp! That pics amazing, made me laugh XD


Photoshop is awesome for creative work, though. Nice job on that banner, mang!

For creative work, I find myself in Illustrator more than Photoshop these days. Love making something and knowing that it’s infinitely scalable. Photoshop has vectors, too, but it’s trickier to work with them.

Don’t have it :-\

You should get it bro!

You should check out GIMP man.

I got GIMP.

Cant figure it out lol…

Maybe starting with, under the advanced is a good idea. Also look up some YouTube tuts on this, it’s really fun! Even I turn to Mr. JamesMay for advice or how to’s, so don’t feel bad or anything, just takes some learning :slight_smile:

I went to a class at my local art museum. So far, I made yoyoma, a person made entirely out of yoyos, and I made a DVD cover. Just for fun I photoshopped George Clooneys’s face onto mine.

This is my site from a few years ago, there is a link to my portfolio in pdf at the bottom.

oh yeah I had gimp once! Then our hard drive crashed it fun to use the only thing though is that all I could do is draw little picture of stick figures on the screen lol.

Yeah it took a while for me to learn how to use it. Just like pretty much everything else, the more you mess with it the more quickly you’ll learn.

Why is it in Latin?

It is in French because it is a website localized to Quebec.

Pretty cool that you recognized French as a “romance” (based on Latin) language, Abby. :wink: Too bad you didn’t recognize it as French, but still…

Jules, you’re crazy good at that stuff!! I should have known based on the customized envelope you sent me, but to see the rest of that portfolio… man, that’s some good stuff!

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I’m taking
Latin 1 in high school and I saw some Latin words in it :stuck_out_tongue: and therefore I thought it was Latin. But I could read a good portion of it because of me being able to read the dead language. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair and specific, there is one or two works in the portfolio that have lorem ipsum (or filler text,) so you are partially righ!


In reality, it is in french because I took the course in french. Yes I am in Quebec, but there is english here too, at least in my big city of Montreal.