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I’m just now getting back into drawing. I’ve been on the digital side of things for the last couple years. Until recently, I’ve forgotten how much I love a good old H2 Pencil and paper.

So who hear has interest in drawing, painting, digital, whatever? Share you stuff.

I’m really into the surreal and fantasy stuff. Here’s the last piece I done. Just a BIC ball point pen and my sketch book. Only post processing was the border and titles.

Here’s another that wasn’t done too long ago. A little bit of post processing but nothing that actually affects the technical aspect of the drawing. Mostly lines with minimal shading. Never completely finished it but I kind of like the effect of the current outcome.

I draw a bit.
Im very beginner though so my stuff is kinda noob-ish.
But I am pretty proud of these 2.

And for fun.

I like the selective color on the Amaterasu one.

Looks like you’re doing good so far! I was never very good at drawing wolves.

IMO, the key to drawing when you’re first starting out is to draw very lightly. Sketch your proportions, dimensions, and shape then you can go over slightly darker for the contour. Don’t even worry about erasing…

that’s really good ;D and so is almost famous’s

Yay an art thread!

Kei is amazing

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Awesome style, dude!!!

Thanks bro, it’s kind of something I’ve developed overtime. Not great with realism so I had to find a middle-area.

I like drawing I’m just not very good at it yet. (Still working on getting proportions right among other things,)

all of you guys are.
great job everyone!

I like drawing more cartoon-ish stuff (like newspaper comic type stuff)
this is for something coming soon to my blog
Sorry for the bad photo quality:

cool pic!

Looks good dude. c=

Very nice pics!
Keep them coming!

Great pics so far guys, love every one of them.

I have a large piece I drew while I was in college. It’s framed so I’d have to take a photo of it through the frame, I don’t know how well that will work out… but it’s a still life. I may get around to doing that tomorrow.


I like it

So anyone else here struggle with stick figures


Stick figures? =p

Here you go :stuck_out_tongue:

… oops accidently thanked you

Nice guide. I think I’ll start trying to draw them again.