Throwers That Make Art


I draw stuff while not throwing. If you do as well, please post your work here! These are 5” x 7” Sharpie and colored pencil on heavy cardstock.

(Victorian YoYos) #2

Much more of it is done, this is an older pic. It’s the back to the future part 2 cover art


Nice work!

(Victorian YoYos) #4

Same goes to you!


I have a small photo book releasing later this year! My first official publishing :’)


Wow, I thought Acme supermarkets were all gone! I like the photos of homes the best. Great work. Where were the photos taken?


Give Drew Tetz a follow on Instagram. Much of his art is meant to be viewed while its spinning and put to music. Trust me it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. He is ridiculous at fixed axle too btw.


Most of the images were taken in New York!
The night images are definitely the most magical :slight_smile:

(Jacob Waugh) #9

Jensen Kimmit?


Oh yes @drewtetz is legendary! I wish we could see more of his incredible spinning art on yo-yos but he said the super high RPM makes it difficult to do so.

(Emmett H. ) #11


Well that’s disturbing! :wink:


Maybe a bit too…



Those are Swimbaits


Higby painted my portrait. I couldn’t pass this up!


Very nice? Get that matted and framed!!! He didn’t sign it?


These are awesome! Are you selling these anywhere! The white bass are gonna start running soon down here in GA and these look like slayers.


Yeah, most of my business in thru Swimbait universe on Facebook. They are 6.5” and 8” and 3.7oz and 4.7oz Resoectively. I think they’re probably way too big for white bass. :facepunch: :slightly_smiling_face:


Shameless self-promotion here:

A 10 piece book set, in which one belongs to me - pre-orders are now live!
The MET Museum already purchased the entire collection :sob:
I don’t expect anyone on the forum to purchase but figured I would share :slight_smile: