So the next thread I will start will be about photoshop. Post your art work you have done with photoshop or any program, or just post your photos here. Some of the photos I have edited are of myself, one of them I tried to make look like a super saiyan but that went wrong haha, you’ll see down below

I used to shoop a lot of whoops, but I don’t so much anymore, since I no longer have Photoshop BL CS.

I’ll see if I can find any of my old whoops…
U mad, bronies?


here ya go,27107.0.html

Sort of nice really, even if more could have been done with it…

Back from when I was first learning:

Banners for various writing pieces:

Business Card:

For my Dad. I’m sparing the information on the front for privacy, obviously.


(removed engravings from yoyo)

(untz untz untz untz untz)


(Benji at ECC)

(for Joey)


(and of course my current, all of my animated avatars as well.)

That’s just a tidbit. I’m only sharing the ones that happen to be online.

I loved that Mustang thing.
I’m a Ford guy myself.

I make stuff in photoshop a lot and use it pretty much every day for work (web designer/programmer).

I made this when Manchester United won last season…

I have also added some stuff to my Facebook album:

Why is it that the only thing that I shop’ is primarily MLP stuff? I don’t even like the show.



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Poster commissioned by my high school. Teacher and I were kinda sick and tired of the school just asking for free crap, and not giving credit where credit was due. I was given freedom on everything except the motivational poster format. Now it’s all over the place, including inside the program of studies books and all over the school.

I started out with a quick sketch from a ref picture in Photoshop, and then created line work in Illustrator. I then brought it back into Photoshop for the paper and color (the last part is mixed style, with scribbles on the school and speed painting for the background). It was then brought back into Illustrator one last time to be compiled into a poster.

This is a poster I secretly had the student council put up all over the school, much to their delight. We recently had a new filter put in for the internet, and it blocked pretty much anything useful for legitimate work. I later had one of the women who worked in IT visit during my independent work period, mentioning how hilarious the poster was, and asked for a copy. I politely but directly reminded her that it was making a mockery of how bad of a job they were doing.

Everything but panels and titling done in Photoshop.

And another:

^ Nice work :wink:

Thanks :3

I use Photoshop CS5 almost daily, nothing cool like the stuff some of you guys do, really just cropping, deep-etching and resizing images for web.

Heheh, I still do that but I’m much more constructive when I’m doing something I’m /not/ supposed to be doing.

EDIT: Photobucket has been doing this thing recently where they are absolutely destroying the image quality/size. Oughtta switch hosts.

I like this thread.

This is a proof I just finished for a local group doing an Earth Day celebration. It’s just a preliminary, so it is very basic (not that the theme would survive on anything more complex, it just doesn’t have text info on it yet). The theme this year is “New England Animals”, and they preferred the use of photos. At first I was a bit “ehhh”, since I like drawing and logo design a bit better, using vector shapes and flat colors, but I think I was able to combine our themes into something adequate. I’m sending this proof and a few more tomorrow to see what they think.

Do you draw these with a mouse or with one of those tablet/pen thingies?

On another forum I use there was a thread for making an imaginary CD cover using your username and I had just made the “statue” of myself so…umm…yeah…

Photoshop CS5.5