Adjustable Starbursts...


I have my YYF Velocity, the starbursts won’t stay in place. They’re moving back out and making the yoyo less responsive. I suck at binding. I know I need to learn but for now I want my yoyo to respond. Help? :-\


Yes! Here it is:

Happy Throwing! =]


My problem isn’t the starburst like getting it in and out or getting it responsive or unresponsive. It’s keeping it responsive. With a few throws, it starts to get unresponsive again. So I have to stop and twist it back to make it responsive. :\


well if it really bothers you try learing to bind :wink:


I sure am trying to learn to bind. Thanks for the advice, though! :slight_smile:


Are there stickers on your velocity? If you don’t mind, you can pull them off, and you will see two screws. You can tighten those. Don’t trust this until i edit my post, im going to try it now.

EDIT: Yes, you can give it a go.


Yea, the stickers are still on. I’ll see about tightening the screws. I put the rubber starbursts in and that helped. It also reduced the spin time… But thanks for the tip about the screws! :smiley: