I soon to buy one… (i think it’s just 7$, Use & Has Scratches…)
Some tips please…
And then is there something to maintain it? (Response systems, etc…)

Velocity is a nice yoyo, but its a bit narrow. Theres not much to maintain, except for the screws for tightening. If you look at the dials, under the stickers, there are 2 screws. You can tighten them so that the dials don’t turn themselves while playing, and you can loosen them to make it easier to twist the dials.

But the great thing is that there are no stickers/pads to replace. ;D

Yeah, and its also one of those few dual starburst yoyos still in production, you can actually put friction stickers or some pads on the starbursts to customize it, because the velocity’s starbursts are recessed. So you can have a silicone stickered velocity. Maybe ill try that some time.

P.S. The starbursts make the string really ugly after a while.