Acquaintance: JIM with ADDICTION

Testing ADDICTION by sOMEThING. Check it out!

I really like your tricks dude! I am surprised I have never heard of you.

Thanks man really appreciate it. I mostly compete within Malaysia so I’m not well known outside the S.E.A region.

Dude Jim that was awesome! I’m a huge fan of your yoyoing for a while now and I seriously think you don’t get enough recognition outside of Msia. I was born in Msia and i learned how to throw there. Sadly now I’m in the U.S. so I can’t see all the Msia guys. One day I hope I can go back and compete in Nationals along with you guys. You’re one of my favorite players, period. I seriously think you’re gonna be the 2015 Malaysia Champion; you’ve been 2nd for too long! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind words, really means a lot. I do hope I can take Nats next year, got some new concepts I think nobody has done before but yea we’ll see how it goes next year. Hit me up whenever you come back. I could bring you to the meets and introduce you to the players here :).

you have a very fast yet smooth style. I enjoy it a lot! Very unique!