Japan has Takeshi Matsuura, Indonesia has Ahmad Kharisma

Indonesian National Champ…
Awesome isn’t he?
He has been playing yoyo for almost 2 years, if I’m not wrong…
Tell me what do you guys think…

ADD: He is using a superstar…

o_0 He’s insane!


This kid is for the WORLDS!!!..
I think he can beat Jensen Kimmit with those horizontal eli hops while sitting and spinning his body around!

He is like 1,000,000 times better than me!!!

He is now my second favorite player!

  1. Hiroyuki Suzuki
  2. This AWESOME kid!!!
  3. Me ;D

Indeed, he is…
And he’s about 11 years old…

Fantastic. Awesome.
Wish he didnt steal Yuuki’s mix at the beginning though.

You mean the trick??
Or the song??

That was INSANE…

Anyone know what Yoyo?

Mix = song

to me it looked like a metal freehand zero
not sure though

It looks just like a gold mayhem, but definately not a Metal Zero.

looks like a werrd pac

I would compare him to a 3-year old computer master, or a master pianist.

He’s just…

Freakin’ insane.

It’s a superstar…

and Chris Frasers right after…but when you can’t find a song. You just gotta grab one. He also tried to do Chris Fraser’s whip thing and did the thumbs up just like chris. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is he actually used the mix that was used in Yuuki’s song so he purposely mixed together Kraftpunk and Saori@Destiny >_>

Japan has Takeshi Matsuura, Indonesia has Ahmad Kharisma and america has grant jhonson, even though now hes a little older

why is it “not good enough”
i just say that because it looks like the inside is yellow and the outside is raw like a melat zero

They’re is no such thing as a yellow/silver Metal Zero. And why did u get all defensive bout it? I no that is not a Metal Zero because of the color, and nothing else. But, I never said it wasn’t good enough.

What is this I dont even. Whats with the attitude bro. Chillax.
Melat Zero is clearly the best yoyo.