about yyj vibe

how can i dissapear yyj vibe on a DM??

YYJ vibe is pretty standard, and people don’t really get of it. If it doesn’t damage the play too badly, don’t worry about it.

If it does seriouosly compromise your play, you might try applying some teflon tape to the axle.

Or pop in a ten ball. Helped my vibe somewhat.

YYJ Vibe mean like the YYJ yo-yo straight out from the box it has already a cute vibe?

I still have yet to see this supposed YYJ vibe. Either way, it’ll be fine. You should still be able to play with it.

Sometimes, yes.

I’ve never played a YYJ without it, and I’ve never been able to tune or improve it in any way.

However, it’s not a deal breaker in any way, and is barely noticeable if you have never played a real ‘smoothie’. I have a feeling it has to do with a faulty bearing seat due to their CAD design or machining standards. Either that or they may enjoy a healthy ammount of vibe shrug