YYJ Vibe?

What is YYJ Vibe? Ive seen this on the bst’s quite a few times already, and i’m wondering what it is!

On the X-com and Dm Or any aluminum plastic yo-yo you will have a little vibe because it is hard to get the plastic consistant, so there will be spots that will weight a little more than the rest. Unlike aluminum yo-yos that are consistant for weight through out, so when you ding a metal yo-yo deep it can cause the same weight diffrence and cause a vibe. So there is usaly a vibe very slight but there is a vibe in most YYJ yo-yos, I have gotten a DM that didn’t have the VIBE so it happens some times.


My hicoo Kahn has quite a little wobble.

You’re going to find vibe is caused by a number of different things.

As Jeromy said, inconsistent plastic will cause it, but it’s not as often the culprit as you’d think. A over-lubed or bad bearing will cause it. The bearing seat is often a cause. Axles are the most notorious, however. A bent or uneven axle will cause vibe like nothing else, not to mention any slop with the threads themselves. A really bad axle can push you across the line from bad vibe to visible wobble. Nasty stuff.

It’s a little easier to deal with when playing most metals. Metals, again as Jeromy pointed out, tend to be much more balanced, so this often gives you one less vibe issue to troubleshoot. Metals also tend to have an axle you can tune. Get it dead center and see where you’re at.

With the plastic stuff, especially YYJs, you take them as they come. They’re plastic or bi-metal, are not tunable, and sometimes not quite balanced. It happens. If it’s really bothering you there are steps you can take.

Try getting your bearing in order. Clean it if you have to, and then see where you’re at. If it’s looking like a bad axle, hit it with Teflon tape or blue threadlocker and see if things get better. What often appears to be a bad plastic can be made to play great with just a little troubleshooting.

Thanks Doc I forgot to mention bearings I have been through a few diffrent types ant they very on vibe the bet I found is the Mercury from the GUY and the 10 ball from One Drop they are the smoothest I have used. EZO and KK after time seem to develop a vibe for me, but that is just personal experiance.