About clyw chief

So i saw a blog post at clyw. There is a dragon chief. My question is what difference does it make it compare to the regular chief? other than the colourway. Is the dragon chief made out of allu 7075? I also heard only a few people get to purchase dragon chief which comes in green/purple splash or purple with green splash.

Where is this post that you speak of?

Yea point us in that direction and mabey we can be a bit more helpful

I just looked at the CLYW Blog and all that’s there is another Chris Cabin Tutorial, which I watched.

I found a post about it on the Caribou Blog (which I won’t link here since it’s attached to the store), however it was from back in 2011.


As far as I’m aware the ‘Dragon’ was simply a new colourway. They were sold on another store and there’s nothing in the product description on that site to indicate that they were made of 7075, or that they were unusual in any other way.

Either way, good luck getting your hands on one by this point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those look cool.

I would check Billybobs bait tackle and throws they might have some.