Clyw chief

Hi guys, I got this chief yesterday and I wanna know which run it is. Thoughts?


Idk which run, but it looks like the CHKNSTRPS colorway (Alec’s signature colorway). That might help you narrow down which run it is.

Another thing to note, I believe somewhere on this forum there is a thread dedicated to chief runs broke down by colorway. Might be worth a quick search for “chief runs” to find it.

Edit: here’s the link to clyw chiefs by colorway split into runs: All Chief Colorways by weight

I don’t see chknstrps so maybe I am wrong. It might be camp caribou—hopefully another forum member can help out determining the colorway.


Pretty sure you’re correct on the colorway, that post mentions the Alec Campbell edition on the 6th run. Maybe the same thing?

Edit: @nothingfaced can tell us intimate details about that Chief, would you mind dropping some knowledge Matt?


This is either an Alec Campbell or Golden Hour. Tricky to tell from the lighting. They’re very similar, see below where the Chief is an Alec.