CLYW colorway questions...Help, please!

I have gotten hold of a Chief that is a solid color, a very very deep dark Purple, and I can’t find any info on this colorway… It clearly has big ano flaws, do they leave “the fool’s gold” ones solid colors generally? And am I understanding that correctly that “fool’s gold” are kinda the janky ones that are still good but sold at a discount? My friend would like to find one this color, but I can’t seem to find any indication that CLYW even makes any solid colored throws??

The only solids I have seen are in fact the fools gold ones. Currently, they come in Grey, Purple, Orange, and two other colors which I cannot remember off the top of my head. Typically, there are minor ano flaws and/or a hint of vibe which really does not change play.

upload a pic

I’ve seen solid brown, black, and musket chiefs. Not fools gold. A pic would help immensely, but you could also email Chris.

Two thoughts: Is the throw marked with a CLYW logo or anything else? That is generally an indicator. Also, and pardon me if this is an obvious question…but is the ano flaw an acid wash to pink? That is a somewhat common CLYW colorway. But yeah, if you can post up a pic that would be great. You’ll definitely get an answer.


That is a musket Chief… They had a weird look to them almost purple… And those flaws are meant to be there…

OR its is a “meteorite” Chief… I think its that based on the “flaws” you speak of…

Does it look like this?

The Musket Chief has no flaws (unless its FG, of course) and is a beautiful dark almost black purple. I love mine.

Well…I am sorry, I didn’t realize this had gotten so much response, and I couldn’t do a reply justice on my phone… This is what it looks like now… I realize I could have asked Chris, but I ask Chris a lot of things, I thought it would be funner to ask the peoples… The flaws I mentioned are ano flaws, were not intentional, or part of the intended colorway…Is there a consensus then that it is a musket? I really, super duper appreciate people taking the time to help, it is really cool that so many people have pitched in to answer my question, thank you all!!! ( it was badly, badly damaged, so much so that it was dangerous to play with, big jagged edges, it is almost undetectable that there was anything wrong with it at all now… Chroming elves are awesome)

That certainly looks like a musket to me. Really pretty yoyo.

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