Robert Miller is the most generous man on this planet. Thank you soooo much DocRobot!!!

So about Wednesday he sent me a Velocity for free, I was overwhelmed with joy, so when I got it I was very happy. However, I open the package…and dont see a Velocity. I see something shiny! Wha…a HITMAN!!! I look, and see the Velocity and…A PGM!!! STACKED!!! Video od my expression opening the package coming soon.

André please…please make him a mod ;D
Also…robert, a question. Why are you being so especially generous to me?

Whoa. :o

You’re so lucky…

So I take it the package arrived? I’m actually quite impressed with the post office, as that was really fast shipping on their part.

I figured you’d appreciate the extras, man. It’s stuff I wasn’t using. I bought the HM and PGM a couple of months ago, played with them twice, and shelved them. Breaks my heart to see them not being played with.


I figured since I was mailing you a Velocity anyway, I could relieve myself of some overstock. I try to hook people up like that when I can. Consider it payment for the work you put in here trying to help other folks out. It’s real easy to hop into this hobby and find a home in one of these forums. It’s hard to take the time to help people out. It’s cool that you do.

Now, I expect to see some reviews of those goodies coming soon. I trust you won’t let us down? :wink:

You’re so lucky Samad! People are always so generous to you!

P.S: By the way Doc, can you hook me up with a DM or Velocity? :wink:

Well, my last Velocity went to Samad. I’m sorry, but I just never did like 'em. I know tons of people who do, but I’m not among them. I have a TBB GT when I’m looking to throw a responsive yo.

As far as DMs go, I doubt it. I have another one on order right now from the Expert Shop, but my first DM (even though I don’t throw it anymore) has a kind of sentimental value. It’s white, and dinged a little, but I’m somehow attached to it.

I’ll keep you in mind if I ever decide to let it go.

Thanks you’re awesome! Such a generous guy, how big a collection you got?

Don’t mention it. :wink:

My collection is fairly big, and I’m always rotating yos in and out of it. I have a personal “stash” that never leaves my hands though. Mostly metals and specialty stuff I could never bear to let go of.

For example, I have a couple of original, first-run, FHs. One is modded, the other is not. I’d never part with either. Not a chance. My TBB GT? Nope. Mine forever.

My Spyder?

Well, I’m in the process of building an underground fortress, complete with gun turrets, attack dogs, and minefield to secure it in when I’m not actively throwing it. Someday this fortress will be complete. Until then, I just sleep with it next to me on the pillow. Makes my wife a little cranky, but I feel better at night knowing exactly where it is. :wink:

It’s my carry yo, and I take it anywhere I plan on throwing at. Sometimes, I forget I even have it on me. Caught some flak from some friends of mine (who didn’t know about my hobby, by my choice) at my local gun range while waiting for our lanes to open up. The general opinion was that a man shouldn’t have a yo-yo while doing manly things at a manly gun range. I begged to differ. Eventually, maybe, someday, the teasing will stop. ;D

Wow, talk about the nicest thing in the world to do for a fellow yoyoer. That’s like over 100 dollars in stuff. Also, DocRobot, tell those guys at the range if they can’t do any of the tricks you are doing, then to keep quiet.

Your a good man Doc.

I feel like I am restating everyone but it is true. It is the second time I have seen your generosity. I hope to be like you someday.

This is the reason I left yoyonation for yoyoexpert. So in a good way, you’re guilty of making me switch forums. BTW, if they tease you about yoyoing, knock them out with a forward pass or boomerang, or demonstrate on something. The yoyo is a weapon

you are LUCKY SAMAD… :-