Shoutout to Bbdave

I joined the forum a few days ago and out of now where I get a message from Bbdave saying hello and offered to send me a box of goodies. Next thing I know I come home from work to a box filled with goodies.

This all started because my 6 year old got a cheap Yoyo from school and as of this weekend I got her to throw and get a Yoyo to sleep. She can now walk the dog and is very close to doing the gravity pull. I am close have all the beginner tricks down. With that said thanks again to Bbdave!!!


Bbdave is a great man! Definitely a great person to have on the forums! Good luck on your yoyo journey!


Dude, he did the same for me. The guy is so about helping people get into the hobby. I see similar stuff in paintball but they don’t give stuff away because of how expensive paintball equipment is but these are the type of people that keep entering my life and I’m so thankful for them. Bbdave, you’re the real deal, man!

Which ones are those? I see the Loop 720 but I can’t tell what the others are just by looking. I got the Replay Pro and Regen from YYF, a Duncan Wind Runner and a Recess Joyride.

Blue pivot and purple too hot. I’m not sure about the other one.

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This is awesome! Making it rain yo-yos

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Bbdave is one of my favourite people I’ve traded with.

What a champ.

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Thanks for the kind words guys! And the white one is a POM Diffusion. Hope all of you are doing well in 2018.