A2Z 25th Anniversary party and MA States 2012


I just want to post something about what a great time I had this weekend. Not only were both events run in a very professional manner, but were family friendly and made everyone feel welcome. It’s amazing how nice everyone is in the yoyo community. I’m kinda new but everyone made me feel like I had been hanging out forever. Thanks!!!


It was great to hang with you man. Your family is very nice and your son is one heck of a thrower for his age!!! That is great to see!! I will echo your sentiments as well as I had a complete blast as well. I have never seen some much yoyo related fun in a two day stretch in my life.


Ya it was a lot of yoyoing think my arm is sore!!


HAHA I hear ya on that. Its those heavy yoyos you sling around!!!


Did anyone take pics? ???


Yes there will be many in the days to come. I made a video. I just have to figure out how to get it up!!!


Wish I had made the A2Z party. Had a phenomenal time at the contest though and it was nice to see others from outside the Northampton bubble. It was so super family friendly which being “old” in the community I really enjoyed. Got the nerve to compete a little and my son and I both placed second which has energized his interest. Thanks again to all involved.


I had a great time too. Everyone was there, Andre Boulay, Dan Dietz, Ann Connolly, Ben Conde, Ooch. I had myself some grub from the grill, and the best gourmet popcorn I ever tasted…ate a ton of it. I forgot to take a pic in front of the YYE contest van. Live music was playing. It was a skill toy fest! Well done.


25 years in business. Wow. Major milestone.

Very good news!


Yes A2Z is a rock in the yoyo community!!!


Video, of Ann Connolly, Ben Conde, Eric Koloski…everyone was there…it was a rocking good time!!