North East Regionals 2012

At JFK Middle School, 100 Bridge Road, Massachusetts, Florence.

Who’s gonna be there? I know I am.

I will be there dude. Would be nice to meet you. Got my first ever modded yoyo from you.

I’m going! First time competing since 2006.

I think my friend is.

I’ll be there!! Can’t wait!! :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

When is it?

April 1st here is a link to there website

I will be there too. I wouldn’t miss it!

It’ll be great seeing you guys there!

Countdown to NER: 7 days!!!

TEN YOYO is going :wink: I haven’t heard back from A to Z about selling our yoyos. Does anyone know if there is going to be tables?


I’m going! See you all there, I will be teaching tricks and competing :slight_smile:

a2z is going to have a booth, but thats all I know of.

Looking forward to the event. If you’re already in the valley, come by A2Z today for yoyo class at 4:30 and then the open house from 6 to 7. If anyone is interested in trying out the One Drop Cascade prototype and/or a CODE2, come find me.

You’re also going? Will be awesome to meet you!!

These are the axles I’m going to take to NER 2012 for people to try or buy!

See you guys down there in a couple of hours. 8)

1A results?

Check Yoyofactory’s facebook page for 1A results. Top five were Eric Koloski, Tylor McCallumore, Michael Kurti, John Narum, and Michael Ferdico (me). Other than that, AJ Kirk won 5a, Ben Conde won 4a (Dietz second, I think Alexis JV third but I might be wrong about that) and I can’t remember the X winners.

Awesome contest! I had a great time even though I spent most of it practicing.

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Thanks for the info!