North eastern regionals contest info

Since I can’t go to mass :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( I remembered about ner :smiley: is there a date on this. I know it is a bit early.

do you know where it is being held as well? cause i live in the north eastern side of the USA

April 25, 2010 in Florence Massachussets

I’m going! :slight_smile:

~yo! shi!

I’m pretty sure I’m going

im pretty sure im going also

i think i might be going, but where exactly is it? like i know the date but is it at the store or somewhere else, if anyone could tell me the street address, that would be a big help so, if you know please PM me

I’ll definite be there.

If you looked right above you, you’d have noticed the link to the official website. It has all the information on the location, and scheduling. Here’s the link again.

Hope that helps.

ya im going and it is at JFK middle school florence MA April 25 2010 ;D

I am going. Yeepe.

I am going. registered for sport 1a