My two years in the community......

Hi everyone,

To celebrate my two years my good friend Totalartist has put together a little video of the fun from MA States.  I would not have made it this long without the friends I have made along the way.  James, Nick, Andre`, Jrod, Sara, Adam the A2Z Crew and everyone at YYE.  Thank you all for the fun times and all the memories!!!

Does this mean your quitting yoyoing?

No not at all. Im here to stay!!

Better be!!  Congratulations mgiroux77, quite an accomplishment you’ve made.  I’m proud of you, I was there live, and I was probably screaming the loudest when the winner was announced.  ;D  Oh, and might I add…what a nice purple and green leather holder you are wearing in the video…wow.

lol Where did you even get that. haha

You won like a boss!

Congrats on the win, Matt and thanks for being such a great part of the community!

Thanks man!!! I will never forget watching you beat the living heck out of that red CODE1!!! Too this day I have never seen anyone have to file down a yoyo just hours after buying it brand new!!

He took it home!!

Great Job. :wink:

Oh, and he had a power breakfast to fuel him up for the win…it was bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Yup. So all you kids before a freestyle, get you some of that and you can’t lose.

Congrats on the win, man! Just looks like you’re having so much fun up there and I think that’s the most important bit =)



Nice job! Nice to see you there! Nice job on the win!

Singing too! We have the same names. ^^

Yes we do!!! And thank you. It was nice meeting you as well!!! Your very talented. Keep it up!!

You too man!!

I will!

I had a blast up there and yes that is what it is all about. I forgot about a few tricks but at the end of the day the music was loud and the yoyos were flying and thats about all that matters!!!


Thank you!!! My skills are not great but its all about having fun up there and I think that came through in the video!!

You are always about fun, Matt. You are a great role model!

Thank you!!! As are you and Erik!!

I chopped his freestyle and added it to this video too…Shadowz143, yoyokid8, patrickcondon, fellavader, are all in there too.