2 Year Video


Hey there everybody!
Finally, it is finished! My 2 year yo-yo video! This was made to celebrate my 2 years of yo-yoing and shows what I’ve come up with. It’s also to strike fear into the eyes of my fellow TN State Yo-yo competition competitiors to show them what’s comin’.

Anyways, Hope you all enjoy this video and all glory goes to God!


Duuuuuuude, fear struck

(Zach Smith) #3

Matt, you’re a boss, but you don’t scare me. I’ll see you at TN. ;D


See ya there :wink:


Very nice video. Honestly, I hope I’m at least half that good in 2 years time. Good luck at the competition.


Thanks a lot! Just keep practicing and you’ll get great in no time! :wink: