A yoyo viral video


It would be epic. If we thought of something funny and then made it yoyo related then we could really get the yoyo community uhh… bigger. It will either profit us or make us look stupid.

But either way it’s worth a shot! What do you guys think?


good idea! but i have no idea what do do


Jensen Kimmitt and Shinji Saito both went viral exactly a year apart.



Aww, you beat me. Never could get the mentlegen in before you.


jensen was even on espn… 8)


So was Yuuki, August, Katlyn, Tyler and Muggy if memory serves me right. O also believe it was two years before Jensen.


But I bet none of them rocked the internet as hard as Rebecca Black or the nyan cat.

When i say viral i mean that everyone that has internet connection will know about it for at least a month


we could have someone doin crazy tricks and stuff and then they hit themselves in the face. People love to laugh at others pain. or we could do a yoyo flash mob! that would be quite epic.

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Hiryouki Suzuki has a video out in his 2005 Freestyle with 4 million Views.
Jensen had one for a Million and something Views
Shinji has one pretty viral as well.
Dont think we’ve hit that 10million view’s mark yet
I heard World on a string was a trailer maybe that’ll be viral ? ;D


yes it would indeed. i like that idea. but where would we do it? and how would we get enough people in the same place?


What if after a yoyo contest everyone would go outside to a place with a lot of traffic and everyone just starts freestyling. If someone had a camera it might go viral but probably not


well i’v never been to a contest and i dont know where the closest one is


I love the idea of doing something like that. Maybe at Worlds we could do it. I could bring a sound system to set it up some place and we could all meet up and do something at a given time and location. I think it would look a lot better if it was better choreographed, besides people just jumping up and randomly throwing a combo. I love that idea though. Would be killer to do it in a mall of some sorts like you have seen. But yeah, I think something like that could be done and be pretty dang fun and still not look dorky.


Why not just organize it to be ON the stage at Worlds? I’m sure some after-hours thing could be arranged.

If I can make Worlds(very likely!), my transportation will be rather limited(I’m not planning on renting a car), and so will my skills.

I mean, isn’t essentially Worlds a big mob anyways? What better place to do a “flashmob” thing with the only notice needing to be is an announcement over the PA?


well in my opinion the point of a flash mob is having a bunch of people all start doing something that is choreographed in a place totally unexpected. we could do it around worlds but not at it. it should be somewhere like a mall or a train station etc…


i might be at worlds this year (my first contest!). i’m askin for a trip to worlds for my birthday. we would probably drive for 2 days instead of flying though.


Has everyone forgotten of Grant Johnson’s viral video “Stronger?” It got a lot of fame online. Joseph Harris introduced his friends to him at nationals as “The creator of the most viral yo-yo video in history” or something like that.

I believe it’s this one. (He needed a music change due to copyright) Correct me if I"m wrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSm0VgGwBSo