Jensen Kimmitt - YoYo Factory Superstar Video

Enjoy in HD!


Amazing. I’m a big fan of you ^-^

That was amazing, but could you to move this too the video section.

I see some hidden chopsticks at 37 into it

Dude, thats absolutely amazing! AWESOME!! Love it!

Hey, Jensen? BAC?


OMG your awesome Jensen

Whoa, Jensen can 2a!

Nice chopstick action there. Really complex and technical looking tricks.

Would you please consider making a tutorial for that last GT combo at the end of the video, that was a sweet trick.


“Have a new Yo-Yo Trick to show off?” He was showing off new tricks. It should be fine here.

Great as usual.

Cool! I really like the slack part

Jensen you rock! Your my favorite yoyoer!!!

ur almost as awesome as chuck norris :o

Jensen Kimmitt…


You are amazing.


You really can’t. You’re not a moderator, so you don’t really have the power to ask or make anyone do anything.

Unless it’s a cat. In which case, you can. You have that power only. :slight_smile:

Great video Jensen.

In the future if you have a problem with where something is posted just “report” the post and let the Mods decide. Arguing in the thread is far less professional then posting in a specific area, etc. This video is fine where it is. We should thank Jensen for coming here to share it with us.


Not QUITE sure but you might be better than me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good video.

Does anyone know what the song is?