A Visit To The YYE Headquarters.

Ive been in a boarding school up near northampton, ma for 2 years. i graduated this past friday. i had always wanted to see the yye headquarters so i called in and explained my sitution and they were more than willing to let me stop by.
so at noon i dropped by. the place was a bit hidden in a side road that went deep over into the woos so i was a bit suprised. when i opened the door i was in heaven! there were about 4 rooms, each filled with boxes upon boxes of yoyos. my original plan was to just pick up a code 2 so the guy there let me back in the room populated by the more popular brands and let me pick one out and throw one. i grabbed it and asked if i could throw a code 1, so he let me. than he took me back to the room filled with independant brands. this is where i was in heaven because i find that most independant brands are better than the mainstream ones (such as yyf or yyj). anyways, he let me open anything and give it a throw. i swear i threw just about every yoyo in there. i picked up an albatross and i was in love! my original plan was to just pick up a code 2 and get out of there. i ended up getting both the code 2 and the albatross. i also looked in the kitty string section and they had some 100 packs of purple normal string that wasnt on the website yet. bought 2 packs and i was out of there.

needless to say i was in heavan here.

Dude, that is awesome!


I should go there!

I am not too far!

(I live in N.H.)

That sounds amazing!

Excellent, goes to show that even though you tried out tons of yoyos, you bought two made by one drop :slight_smile:


Albatross is made by G-squared not on drop…

I wonder… would they let you stop by just to try yoyos?

i believe its machined by OD

That is correct. One Drop manufacture’s the halves and helped design it.
It appears all assembly and response installation is done by Brett and Jacob, probably along with all boxing/packaging for retail sale.

Ah, I see.

That’s why it’s so good. :smiley:

I still need to try it though.

If you’re going to BAC, you can try my Albatross.

Haha, wrong side of the country. :smiley:

Hey, the offer is valid. The logistics of it aren’t my problem!

It’s nice when places let you try before you buy. Short of that, contests and meets are great areas to do the same thing. I’m bringing my collection out to BAC.

Haha, I hope I meet you some day.

I love trying yo-yos before I buy them.

Meets are awesome. So much opportunity.

Andre and the rest of the YYE crew are awesome. Very cool you got to stop by!

I would love to stop by and visit them but I live on the wrong side of the country. :frowning:

It is awesome there. Went last summer on the way to a vacation. I got two signed Andre cards!

Where are the headquarters located? Massachusetts?

wow. necro much? XD. yeah the headquarters are in amherst ma.