a tribute to friendship...


a tribute to what I consider the most innovative yoyo in decades.

From Shawn @ OneDrop to Ernie (General-yo) aka Magnesium Project! :o

I want to ask Shawn Nelson weight of this yoyo, because if it is the original Project its weight would be around 41.5 grams. in such a case is a yoyo still fully playable?
Thanks and greetings!


Don’t recall the weight, it was very light though. This was just built for fun, the idea of someone picking it up and expecting it to throw like a Project and then being totally surprised was more of a motivation than actual performance characteristics. I’m happy it’s in good hands with Ernie.


Thanks for your answer!
It is a very beautiful object! son of a brilliant idea, and the celebration of a great yoyo and obviously an important friendship.
Congratulations again, You have all my respect.


The ten year anniversary Project should be pretty fun.


I will wait with anxiety and curiosity!
Thanks for this information! :wink:


What?!?! Awesome!


Super cool


Yeah, probably…! :slight_smile: