a String Shack contest

The string shack is a small yoyo string company from Utah where we sold string at meets and over our Facebook account to local throwers. Now we want to bring the string shack to the forums.

  I really want you guys to get a feel for our fun and festive company so we will pick five people fun and creative people to receive some of our string free of charge. How might we pick these people you might ask?  Well were gonna have a contest of course! 

  For the contest all we need you to do is tell us what you do with your used string. Provide a picture (optional) and an explanation and we will pick five of the most unique, fun, and creative uses for what most of us would just throw in the trash. Winners will be picked next Friday. We will then pm the winners asking for an address. 

Reviews of our product would also be greatly appreciated.

An old Kitty String holds up my broken lamp in my dorm.

Personally I use my old strings a couple ways

1.) I turn them into counter weights. These counterweights are perfect for me since they are soft and don’t kill my hand like dice do :smiley:

2.) Another use is that I use them to create a really neat looking display to hold and show off my yo-yos. It is just small lengths of cotton string held up by thumb tacks.

Can’t get a pic anymore but my old string was used to make like cloth bunny things. U take a dish towel and tie it up a special way and it makes a bunny. Then they can be sold…

Sold to who?

String bunnies sound epic! I’ll include you in the contest North, because it hasn’t gotten any attention. :confused:

I’m guessing this isn’t happening anymore, or is it?

I wanted to try this again , hopefully more successful. If this gets enough interest I totally do it again!! :slight_smile:


Throw them away…

I make them into a ball.