A relitivley quick consistant bearing/yoyo test

Here is a good way to consistently check your bearing and yoyos performance.
It does not rely on your throw because you are not throwing at all.
Make sure your string is wound properly, no loops or loose sections from a bind.
Let the yoyo role from your hand smoothly with no motion. Note the time.
Grasp the string with your free hand above the yoyo and watch it go.
With the same string length and release action the yoyo speed will be very consistent each time.
Giving you a relatively accurate indication of your setups condition.
When my P2 and bearing are in proper form I get a bit over 3 min. 30 sec.
Way better then standing around for ever with a hard inconstant throw.

Give it a try

somehow this test looks familiar, oh, it was on my adds for six months