Velocity bearing and moving on to a new yoyo

Hey im bothering again because I have a few questions bothering me.
1)Can I fit a Konkave bearing into the velocity and how?
2)When I make my velocity unresponsive there isn’t much difference on the sleep time and I know It also depends on the throw,but can I do some thing to improve the sleep time
3)I’ve been told it’d probably time to move on to a better yoyo.Im an intermediate yoyo player up to split the atom and I want to know a good yoyo that can really take me to advance moves,but I don’t know which so can I get any suggestions on yoyos :-
Plz help.

you can buy an a sized koncave but i prefer the center trac and a yoyo that can take you beyond would either be the protostar or DM2 both are great yoyos at a good price that will last you a long time

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It’s never a bother to ask questions. You don’t ask, you don’t learn, right? ^^

  1. You could buy an A sized Konkave bearing but you’d probably be better off putting the $15 that would cost towards a new yoyo.
  2. You could try cleaning the bearing in lighter fluid. Other than that, the best way to improve spin time is to practice getting nice straight throws.
  3. On a budget, it’s hard to beat the YYF Northstar ($35), YYF Protostar ($35), and YYJ DM2 ($45). If you’re after entry level metal, the sOMEThING FirMY (about $70) and the C3 Capless (around $65) will probably be your best bet.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks I think I’ll try going for a DM2 or protostart I don’t have money to waste so I have to make my purchase count :smiley:

you can clean bearings in lighter fluid? i thought that would mess it up.

a good choice for a better yoyo for you would be a dark magic II, a protostar, or a legacy II. those are pretty much the ol’ standbys for your “coming of age”. good luck.

I’ve tried lighter fluid, its not really that bad as some people think, but if you are using lighter fluid on a plastic make sure its dry or it’ll crack the yoyo