A quick quetion about yoyofactory yoyos

I just recently got a few yoyo factory yoyos from yoyoexpert. THe boss, dv888 and a c13. They all rawk by the way. Im leaning towards the boss as a fav. ANy ways my question is. The dv888 and the boss came in the regular yoyo factory box (white and black with a lil red logo) but the c13 came in a all balck with gold trim box. It says it ““premium COllection”” on the top. I was wondering what makes it premium? It’s pretty much in the same price range. DO they make few of these than thier regular yo’s? Or is it a bearing thats different? **shrugs idon’t know? JUst wondering if any one knows!

The premium collection is YYF’s most expensive line of yoyos. They feature hubastacks (the C13 comes withoout them but they can be added). The G5 and 888 are two yoyos that are part of the premium collection as well.

i got a buddha king with that collecters box
my 888, skyline,superstar,g5 never came with anything special

YoyoFactory Yoyos are split into five categories:

F.A.S.T - Fully Adjustable Starburst Technology, this includes the Speed Dial, Firedog, FLYMaster, and FAST 201.

Evolution - Use of technology to innovate and improve play. This includes the Velocity, PGM, Loop 720, and G5.

Premium Collection - Here, the focus is solely on play. This includes the 888, Superstar, Skyline, and C13. They are stackable or come with stacks.

Special Projects - Here, the focus is on the future. This is the Catch-22, Buddha King, and Mighty Flea.

FundaMETAL - These have a lower price range than regular metal, so those of us with smaller wallets can get them as well. They don’t have hubstacks.

Since the C13 has stacks, it belongs in Premium. That’s the best conclusion I have.

Mind you, they may have changed the packaging recently.


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It is the Hubstacks.