Yoyo factory thoughts.

All the yyfs are too similar. That’s my outlook on them. Don’t hate on me or anything, but most high end ones are all metal, with hubs, and a lb. Medium ones (60 bucks) are small, with a lb. Low priced yyfs are unresponsive and plastic. Don’t yell, or get mad, these are my personal opinions, and I understand that there are looping throws and other exceptions.

http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,18137.0.html .

Hi Tom,

The design team at yoyofactory are responsible for dual density response in bearings (which pads and silicone response came from), we popularized spinning things on the sides of yo-yos (aka hubstacks), our stepped profiles are copied by many (not H shape, the step be it big like G5 or small like 888). We created the first metal yo-yos people used to win contests on (remember before 07 no winners at worlds used metal). Our dial adjustable response makes learning easier, our F.A.S.T. response has become a #1 seller, we hold more patents on innovation than almost every other design. We were first to release yo-yos in any volume with a recessed response, we were first with flowable silicone response in any volume. We also have a policy of making all our innovations affordable (dials for example went from 401k to Velocity in under 2 years, Hubstacks went from g5-888- Grind Machine).

We also create more yo-yos than almost all the other manufacturers combined this allows us to tailor our products to users specific requirements be it in Price or Performance.

YoYofactory has now been around for almost 7 years. In that time we have built a product line to rival anyone in the industry. Beginner to pro, inexpensive to premium.

Im not sure how long you have been around yo-yos but before you publish your outlook you may want to consider your perspective.


i respect your opinion but dont feel the same way. the thing that i agree with is that they have a lot of yoyos but nobody is denying that

The moment I read your thread, I knew Ben was going to post in here LOL

Those are some very good points. I’m not gonna lie, you did alter my perspective. One thing I like in a yoyo is using my angel hair string. My point was that yyfs responses are varied in size, but I have a g5, dv888, and pocket change and feel no difference in response. I don’t want to argue with anyone, I want to have a discussion.

They sell what they think will sell.
You can buy from a different brand if you don’t like what they offer.


YYF seems like the more proactive company to me.
Others seem lazier.

I tried some different YYFs at MER and I certainly felt a difference. I tried a G5+, Superstar, and Protostar. They all had a different floaty feel and the response felt different on them (to me anyways). I thought the G5+ felt a lot smoother on the string than my GM2, but not quite as smooth as the superstar I tried.

Ben cleared it all up. Yoyofactory yoyos are all different, and the most unique compared to like YYJ and Crucial (No offense to Crucial, I really like them, I’m just trying to make my point) and other companies.

Translation :slight_smile:

before yyf, but sure :slight_smile: Thankfully things have come a long way since then.

yay hype.

yay hype.

yay buying a team.


you have lawyers and money.

you make larger runs and didn’t mind getting high from silicone fumes and spending way too much time/money on assembly? :slight_smile:


models* of yoyo, not yoyos… and different hype is the largest variation :slight_smile:

true… yay hype and cash.

So it would seem the main things yyf makes are hype and cash :slight_smile: It’s a solid business plan… yay yoyoers for getting a bunch of good yo-yos to choose from.


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Similar doesn’t make them the same…

Genesis first run and second run feels different…
Severe and 2010 Severe also feels different…

And I think having a same shape but different size is good…
It gives us more choice, because people’s preferences are different…

I personally think that yyf’s yoyos are not the same, but if you want to buy one the choice can be overwhelming due to the ammount of choices

Obviously. Cos thery wer not using the same sized pads.

We offer other response choices… May I suggest http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/171/401-SD-SPLASH A totally unique plating experience and totally under-rated. If it wasn’t for the release of the Superstar the 401sd was going to be what John Ando used at 2008 worlds.

i do love the variety yyf offers but i think what tom is trying to say is that yyf has so many yoyos out of one profile that its almost like putting out one yoyo fourty different times-
grind machine-genesis-g5
do you get what im saying.
feel fre to correct me if im wrong.

Just because they have a similar shape doesn’t mean they are the same yoyo. There are a ton of factors that go into how a yoyo plays.

Yes, but 888, 44, and 44 special use the same response, are the same shape and use the same size bearing.

Are their weights the same? Is their weight distribution the same? Do they both have hubstacks?

You can’t forget the type of metal the yoyo is made of either. That gives a different feel. For example, when my GM2 hits me, it feels kind of like i hit my hand on a wall really hard. When my 888 hits me, it stings.