A question about Monkey snot response

I used it last night, I like the product overall, it flowed nicely and looks good. I’ll play with the silicone yo-yos tonight for the final impression.

Question: You store it with the plunger inserted right? Trying to remove the plunger was not a good idea, the snot pulled out like play dough doh, so I put it back.

So you leave plunger in place, put the cap on, wrap up and stick in the refrigerator?
Any other thoughts? I realize this is supposed to be easy. I wish the syringe was clear not black.

Also when I initially put the plunger in, there was waste trying to insert it down enough to hold in place. Seems it might be filled too high. I followed the instructions, and it seems you cannot really “push” the plunger in place, but rather gently “seat” the plunger.

I like the product, delivery system not so much.

I found this too. But its not a bad thing, If its over filled, than a little waste at the beginning is OK, its not really a loss. But I know what you mean, to get it started, isnt the easiest. Ive never had it “click” into place, but only the very first application is a little weird. It smooth out alot after that.

The black is by design. It keeps UV out, keeping it protected and not faded by light exposure. Same with the storage/packaging bag. After you are done, wipe off the nozzle, (as you found out) leave the plunger in place, screw the tip back on, put it back in the bag and store for about 6 months or so in the fridge. after that it seems to get thicker and harder to use.

I usually give mine about 12-14 hours before playing. I suppose longer is better, but ive never had a problem. Money snot is far and away my favorite response. I use it for nearly all of my throws.

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You also answered how long the stuff will last in the fridge.

EDIT: I like the way each silicone yo-yo plays now, even the one I was having slipping issues with a couple of different pads. (MYY node)

I’m a believer, it’s officially my favorite response.

I like the snappy bind but no snag during play, best of both worlds.