A pretty awesome experience!


i was with my mom at costco. i was bored, so i took out my yoyo. someone shouts at me “Are you a spindoctor?” i said no, i wish i was good enough to be one. he said “no, youre definetely good enough to be one!” i was shocked and flattered. then he introduced himself as sonny, owner or Anti-Yo! i was like “OMG!” he gave me his email and asked me where i lived. i said millbrae, and it turns out he lives in san bruno! he said hes trying to organize a meet, so im pretty exited! he then handed me an unnamed anti-yo prototype (TO BORROW)! it was boss, so ill describe it as best as i can:

63g ?
v shaped, similar to code 2
anti yo side effect axle system

o now im inspired to try to become a spin doctor, i dunno how much itll cost or what i have to do to become one, but i just wanted to share this experience! ;D


That’s awesome!

Not too many yoyo company owners where I live :stuck_out_tongue:




That’s pretty cool. Maybe I’m totally wrong, but I was under the impression that spindoctors is a club that anyone is free to join as far as I know.


You’ve been grossly misled, jhb. There’s a whole battery of tests that includes subduing a lion with two handed looping, among other secret quests. :wink:

Cool experience you had, subbreh!



Thats totally rad! Post pics of what he gave you!


Its sounds to good to be true. Im gunna need the security foitage from that specific costco to believe you. Hahahaaa

I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?tbeuu2
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


i sadly have no pics ARGGHHH!!! :frowning: thansk for all the good wishes all you guys! :smiley:


Wait, did he give it to you, or just hand it to you for you to check out?


oh he let me throw it for like 5 mins lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah lucky! I wish that could happen to someone like me!


How neat is that! This is why we should all be throwing in public more!



Sunny is a chill dude he stayed down the hall from me at nationals he gave me and my buddy anti yo stickers


That’s so awesome! Sonny is the nicest guy on the planet!


Awesome! I would be stoked just to meet another person who throws… to meet an owner of one of the coolest companies around, who is apparently a nice guy to boot… must’ve made your week!


made my month!

EDIT: wait no national yoyo contest made my month… I met AUGIE and andre and the mad yoer, and logi and qwertyo and many others there! BUT STILL!

2ND EDIT: this made my last half month then lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, I’ve never even met another yoyoer. To meet the owner of a company must have been awesome!


So true!

One of the best experiences was when he picked me up at the airport for BAC 2008. What a great fella!


Not only he makes excellent yoyos, he also makes nice denim pants from what I’ve heard. Gotta get myself a pair of Self Edge denim jeans now [though it will burn a hole in my wallet] :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s cool that you met Sonny, though!