My first trip to A2Z... and my new DV888

WOW ;D! What an amazing store!

I went there saturday and it is now like my favorite store.
They had all kinds of yoyos and some other toys I forgot existed!

Let me go through my trip…Ill skip the 2 hour drive…

So after (finally) getting there I stumbled in unaware of the awesomeness, staring at me was a HUGE molecule structure. after 5 minutes of searching for the yoyos i asked the owner Jack Fin and asked him where they were…He stepped aside showing me a gleaming case of YYF’s YYJ’s and others. He was very polite as were all the employees he answered my questions truthfully like when I asked him whether he prefered the DV888 or the MayheM, and said the DV888 I was like “ok” and grabbed a green one.

After a really nice lunch at a restaurant next door i went to yoyo class expecting 2-5 kids…the back of the store was packed with little yoyoers, Big yoyoers, new yoyoers, old yoyoers, etc. an employee named Dan came up asked if I needed help with anything showd off some slack stuff. Showed me (finally lol) how to do Eiffel Tower and easier shortcuts to tricks like double or nothing.

At the end of my trip I had come out with

A green DV888

A green Sunset Trajectory NXG

100 green strings


Definitely drop in anytime your in MA!!!

EDIT: I love my DV888 thanks to all who suggested it!

Hmmm… I don’t think there are ANY yoyo stores around where I live… :-\

Ya I got really lucky! :o

Sounds like you have fun, You must really like the color green :stuck_out_tongue:

The green team are my yoyos. theyre all green

lol that’s awesome! ;D

I thought of having all red yoyos but I decided against it.

It wont go on forever not if I want an 888…no greens!

I’m glad you liked it! I wouldn’t say you’re lucky though, you had to drive two hours to get there, no? Also, the Ocho8ocho has green on it… ;D

Two hours was worth it my friend :wink: anyway it really should have taken like an hour but my dad wanted to drive by UMASS Amherst so we got a little lost and stuck in traffic and lost again on the way back…

so what buy two Ocho8Ochos? i honestly dont like red or white yoyos it has to be green or blue or black or gold even purple is cool but any other color really dosnt turn me on…luckily most throws come in either blue or green so…

sounds awsome I wish I had a store to go to for yoyo stuff

Well, you don’t necessarily have to buy two…but there’s nothing wrong with a two-tone! ;D

Living on an island sucks, there was a store here in hawaii called high performance kites…however they decided to close…now the life of yoyoing in hawaii is extinct…most of the people that throw in hawaii are mostly self taught, no shops or classes to go too…

I wish I lived on the mainland…

  • :frowning: gorrilla_yo

BTW…love your story…