I Got a DV888!

Hi guys,

Today I went to Stockton, CA (if anyone lives in that area then let post it so!) and there was a toy store. My little bro and mom and I went in to check it out and I hoped there were yo-yos. Sure enough there were YYF’s and Yomega yo-yos. The owner knew how to yo-yo and such and I tried out the Maverick and Dash by Yomega. I wanted a YYF but my mom said that it was too expensive so I was about to buy a Maverick. Then my mom asked why I don’t want the DV888 and I asked “I can?”

“You’re broke, how are you gonna pay me back?”

I got a DV888, love it but I can’t get a Christmas present this year at all. Oh well, it’s worth it and I might get an 888x from that store later in the year! or Pokemon Black or white…

PS: Got it for 59.99 though :frowning:

NOT pokemon black/white
Have you seen the starters??
It’s like they ran out of ideas and used a random generator to mash things up.

You can get the dv888 for $45 on this site…

Only for a limited time. If my mom saw it online then she would’ve said no but with at a store then I can try it right away and if there is something wrong then I can return it immediately.

PS: This store doesn’t have blue.

Expect one in September at my Valley Wide Talent Contest that spreads to over 5 counties in the state. It’s gonna be my main throw.

I’m not gonna bring it outside much. Too precious.

Good man :slight_smile: Metals like carpet! Feed them string and never take them over concrete when they’re hungry for more string. They get super scared and might become responsive if you do that.

WHAT STORE… I live in San Jose CA… I’ve been in stockton once or twice…

It’s in the Stockton Mall. A store called Toy Castle.

If you throw it as your main throw then dont worry about it. Yoyos get dings it will happen sooner or later so dont get discouraged if you get one lol just dont try to.

By the way I was using my dv888 today and I eli hopped it right in to my garage roof :stuck_out_tongue: got a ding or two but no worries

Not exactly my main throw but my favorite. It’s the most expensive one out of the collection and I will only use it for special occasions. I will break out a combo or two once in a while like maybe once every 2 days.