THAT DV888 COST $10,000!!!


Happy Throwing! =]


i should totally show that yo yo to my friends just to freak them out


Is everyone shocked yet? This is crazy, but there’s a special offer with Dv888.

Happy Throwing! =]


haha,read the description, $50.00!!!(with any YYF metal thal is,lol)

(Derek) #5

lol. its not that bad, it drops from $10 000 to $50 if you get another yoyofactory metal


I know… :stuck_out_tongue: Yoyonation scared me!

Happy Throwing! =]


That was the whole point. It was more of a joke then anything. Ben made a thread about it, saying the only way to purchase a DV888 was to buy a certain YYF, and for $50 more you could get a DV888

(D@§h!zn!t) #8

O.O Dear Lord…


cool,I dont hang out there much,but wow,I wonder if you can get one without another YYF metal


DV888 YoYoExpert promotion coming soon! :wink:


WhaT!??? oh wait, another $50 or $120?

Happy Throwing! =]


I know Samad!

Happy Throwing! =]


Announcement coming tomorrow - different promo. :wink: