A Post About B/S/T Thread Jacking

After the past few days I have seen a lot of people jacking others B/S/Ts, and its now getting irratating to me and others, and MUST stop. I just want to make a little post about this.

I have seen people say yoyos that are for sale are terrible prices or a terrible trade, this and that. Look when you B/S/T you don’t go on threads and say its a horrible price or trade. Thats your opinion. The seller or trader feels that that’s the price that they’re going to sell it for. It may have a sentimental value or how it plays. There is nothing wrong with that. You just don’t go posting that’s a terrible price if your not making an offer. It’s a useless post and people may not want to trade with you.

To sum this up. Don’t jack B/S/T threads. It’s not cool, it’s not right. I hope we can stop these useless posts and have a clean B/S/T.



This seriously needs to be stickied, even though I’ve done it quite a few times.

Yeah, I just felt this needed to be cleared up.

Yeah. Its not necarsarially even Jacking the thread. its just cluttering it and annoying everyone… so jacking it xD

Either or, it’s still annoying.

I shall do my part

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Great, another person on the same page.

I think we all know that we shouldn’t do things like butt in on others trades or try to take someones trade offer out from under them. I dont think a sticky or bumping this all days is going to stop anyone who had planed on doing it from doing it…lol