Most irritating things about the B/S/T...

I usually like to trade because it gives me a chance to try new throws. But alot of the time I find things that really irritate me in the B/S/T. The most annoying thing for me is when people use scrolling text in their BST.

What’s your biggest pet peeve of the BST?

Not really anything but the titles of the threads. I want to know a general idea of what you’re selling/what you want, not whether you have new stuff up, as if I could possibly remember your thread out pf all the others.

But then again, I don’t often use the b/s/t.

The consistent and unresolved necro’ing.

“one of a kind” but they modded it, instead of manufacturer.

THIS THIS THIS! I have a painted skyline, but I don’t call it “one of a kind”

People that ignore you. I understand you may get a lot of posts or that you don’t like the offer but someone took the time to draft an offer at least respond with a “No thanks.” message. If someone was actually standing in front of you and asked you to trade would you completely ignore them?

Yes! This gets so annoying! I was about to make a deal with someone, and when Im ready to send the money, they don’t respond.

People who criticize other people’s prices.
If you don’t like a price, don’t buy it.
Walk away.
It’s that simple.

Yesterday I had someone PM about one of my ads. They didn’t like the way I had something worded (regarding refs) and ended up calling me ignorant. They were not being nice at all.

I politely (at least, I thought it was politely) told him to simply stay out of my thread. :slight_smile:

No prices and no pics.

Makes me want to strangle a wallaby and slice its ears off and deep fry them and eat them slowly.

Not even kidding, just gets on my nerves like crazy.

I agree!!!

I don’t like an auction type deal either. If you want to do that, put it on E-Bay!


The most irritating thing about the BST is the severe lack of BPZLs, first run Peaks, and Catch 22s.

People ask for them so they must be out there…

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I hate it when Party A offers Party B something, Party B says yes, but then Party A says, “Let me think about it.”

Mine is sort of like that except with a full on rejection. I got offered a yoyo that I really wanted for a yoyo on my BST. It turns out that person hadn’t read the description of the yoyo he wanted on my BST, and when he read the description (that was open for everyone to see on my BST), he told me he didn’t want the yoyo. It got my hopes up and then killed them.

So, what to take out of this is when Party A offers Party B something, Party B says yes, and then Part A says, oh wait, I actually don’t like how Party B’s yoyo is described, so I’m going to decline the trade. PARTY A SHOULD HAVE READ PARTY B’S DESCRIPTION OF THE YOYO BEFORE HE OFFERED ON IT!!! That is my pet peeve.

What I dislike is, when I, as a buyer, I like to see an ASKING price. It can give me an idea of what I might have to spend or the mindset of the seller. Who knows, I might just take the asking price.

No, I get the “make me an offer” response. Please provide an asking price, it’s not too much to ask and it’s actually helpful. . It might save me time, by seeing a price and deciding “hey, I’ll just take it” or “wow, that guy must be on drugs asking that price, I better pass that one by”.

So, I’ve learned my lesson. No asking price, just keep moving on. It’s easier that way.

Up yours too, pal
I just traded my “modified” Y factor


not really